Metropolitan Police Revolver League 

Washington Sportsmen's Association will again sponsor a team in the Metropolitan Police Revolver League. This league is shot each year at our indoor range starting mid-January for 14 weeks ending mid-April.   

The outdoor range league is shot each year starting mid-May for 14 weeks and ends mid-August.

There is no travel involved and the range is reserved for us each Wednesday from 6:00-9:30 pm. 

The league requires a rimfire and/or centerfire revolver or pistol (capable of holding 5 rounds) with 30 rounds for each match for 14 matches. They occur once per week for 14 weeks (note: a revolver is not required as the league’s name implies). The course of fire is the National Match Bullseye course from 50 feet, one-handed, in six strings of 5 shots each (therefore 30 rounds per match). These strings are timed.

Cost is $10.00 per gun for the entire season. (Most shooters shoot both a rimfire and a centerfire gun-but that is not a requirement.) Matches can be shot ahead but not caught-up from behind. Matches can also be shot during the week of the scheduled match if witnessed and scored by a league member. 

Please give this opportunity a thought if you want to improve your pistolcraft. Many experienced and good shooters are on the team and are very willing to help new participants.

More information can be had by calling  Douglas N. Goodwin,  724-288-8273

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