WSA Club and Nearby Events

Future Events

Quarterly meeting for all members is April 18, 2024 at 7pm in the clubhouse. Please plan to attend!

Past Events

WSA Jug Shoot 2_10_24.mp4

February Jug Shoot !!!

Trent Denison

Janet Denison 

Vickie Fields

Chuck Fields

Kathy Weightman

Art VanBriggle

Doug Alrutz

Skip Alrutz

Art Ingles - Big Thanks for the video!

Corey Zavada

Thomas Moore

David Price

Ivan Ullom

Doug Goodwin

Trish Goodwin

Wayne Mazza

Top 3

Corey Zavada - best time

David Price - biggest splash

Doug Alrutz - best overall

Photos coming soon!

Member milk jug shoot on August 6th at 3pm hosted by Trent Denison! Trent deserves a round of applause!

Congratulations to Trish Goodwin on her 1st place win!

Congratulations to Skip Alrutz for the biggest splash!

May 2023 Work Day

Recurring Events

Ladies Pistol League  

Every Monday 12pm - 2pm              

4th Monday each month 6pm - 8pm on hiatus until Spring of 2024, date TBD.

MPRL/Bullseye Indoor Pistol - starts mid-January 2024 - 6pm to 9pm 

Washington County Youth Trapshooting Club  Every Tuesday evening from 6pm - 8pm is on temporary hiatus.

3D Archery Monthly - resumes Spring 2024.

Sunday 8am- 3pm and Monday 5pm- dusk.  During archery shoots Trap - Pattern Board - Lower Skeet CLOSED. 

$5 or 1 token (available in the clubhouse) to shoot the same course as 3D with bags only. 

Free practice area with field arrows in bags and all other arrow types into the blocks.