The club workdays are scheduled for the weekend of April 27-28All ranges will be closed from 9am - 5pm both days for safety.  Please offer an hour or 2 of your time, if at all possible.  It's up to ALL of us to take care of OUR club!

We thank David Price for his service on the Board of Directors for many years.  He hopes to return to it in the future.  Please welcome Antonio David Wright as our newest board member.

Join  Washington Sportsmen Association for Indoor and Outdoor Pistol Ranges -Trap - Skeet - Archery

Please review our range rules here.

Our general membership meetings happen quarterly in January, April,  July 18th at 7pm and October.

You may reach out to us via Email, Phone or Facebook for any concerns or questions.  We have added a chat feature to the FB page to answer your questions, and asking for your ideas on here in our new - 💼 Suggestion Box 💼

Long may she wave!


Ladies    Pistol    League

Mondays - Noon - 2pm  

Monday night monthly meetings resume February 19 at 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Monday Night sign up here.

Check out what we're about here.

Email us:

 Metropolitan  Police  Revolver  League 

Washington Sportsmen's Association will again sponsor a team in the MPRL. In addition, WSA will cover the entry fee of $10/caliber for rimfire, centerfire or both.

There is no travel involved and the range is reserved for us each Wednesday from 6:00-9:30 pm to continue our practicing during the off season.  

This league is shot at our indoor range starting January 17th for 14 weeks ending mid-April.  More information can be found here or by calling  Douglas N. Goodwin,  724-288-8273 


Free practice area with field arrows in bags and all other arrow types into the blocks.

$5 or 1 token (available in the clubhouse) to shoot the same course as 3D with bags only.

3D archery will resume in the spring. Stay tuned for a longer course!

WSA is pleased to have these skilled, young shooters, The Hunting Hills Hawkeyes, at our skeet houses to practice on Wed evenings and Sat mornings in the month of March. In April they will be at WSA on Sat mornings through July 4th. 

Attention Shotgunners

Using the pattern board near trap house #5 will help you to get a better idea of what you need to modify.  Give it a try! Please, NO SLUGS! and absolutely NO SHELLS are to be shot at the outdoor range!

Washington Sportsmen Lawn Care Team!

It's almost that time of year again.  Would you like to be a part of the best team at the club?!

Last year we started our own lawn care and maintenance team and was able to save the club thousands of dollars.  That money was reinvested into club projects and maintenance items.

This year we hope to grown the lawn care team and make the club grounds even better.  Zero-turn and push mower both available.

With your help we can make this possible.  If interested please click on the link below, we will contact you in the early spring.  Thank you for your time and help.

It's YOUR club, too.  See something, say something.

Inside the clubhouse opposite the entry doors from the top:       LifeVac - First Aid - AED

Information you will need if calling 911 will be posted on all ranges and outbuildings.